1.. Mixed Trays of Plug Plants

Our mixed trays of plugs have been carefully designed for different habitats, soil types and uses. Many of these mixes have become industry standard and are now specified by Landscape Architects and Garden Designers all over the UK. Take the hard work out of choosing the species you need and let us do it for you.

Important Note: The species list detailed under each mixed tray is subject to change as species become unavailable due to stock levels. All plants that we may substitute will be appropriate for the selection. if you have specific requirements then please do note this at the time of order or contact us before/after placing your order and will attempt to accommodate your request.

Full trays of plugs contain 104 plugs and half trays 52 plugs. Both sizes will have 13 species, 8 of each in the full and 4 of each in the half. The only odd one out is the MT16 (Boosting four colours) which is only available as a full tray of 4 species.

Sunny Site
Plants for areas that receive full sun for the majority of the day.

Semi-shade Site
Plants for areas of semi-shade such as by hedgerows, in slightly shaded gardens or under immature tree canopies.

Shaded Site

Plants for fully shaded areas of woodland floor, heavily shaded gardens or other gloomy areas.

Wet or Boggy Site

Plants that prefer very damp and sometimes boggy conditions that may be found in wet meadows orareas around water.

Coastal Sites
These plants are tolerant of very dry and exposed areas that are often subject to salt spray.Usually found on clifftops or growing in dunes, they are excellent for feature coastal gardens, maintenance-free green roof projects and general hardy planting.

Chalk or Limestone
Plants for soils thatare alkaline in nature and contain some amounts of chalk or limestonederivatives. 

Sandy Soils
Plants that prefer afree-draining sandy soil.

Clay Soils
Plants that prefersoil with a high level of clay content. These plants can tolerate the twoextremes of being in baked solid soil in the summer and prolonged dampness atother times.

Loamy Soils
Loamy soil is a mixture of clay, silt and sand so offers an excellent growing medium for mostwild flower plants. This is a nice varied selection.

Acid Soils
These plants like lowpH acidic soil and are often found on peat heathlands.

Good for Birds
Plants in thisselection will attract birds to your garden by offering seeds or nestingmaterials. Birds also like the insects that hide on these plants.

Butterflies & Nectar
The flowers of theseplants are very rich in nectar and will attract butterflies, moths and othernectar-loving insects to your garden. Use to create a colourful nectar bar.

This selection isdesigned to be planted in an existing lawn to make it more biodiverse. Many ofthe plants in this pack are low growing and can tolerate being mown from timeto time.

Rocks & Paving
These plants are small, low-growing and are suited to be planted in rock gardens, wall crevices and the gaps between pavers.

Strong Colour
Plants that willproduce a splash of strong colours when in flower. Yellows, orange, blues,pinks and purples are all featured here – strictly no whites!

Boosting 4 Colours
A selection of plants that will add a fabulous colour feature to any area. The three annuals corncockle (purple), cornflower (blue) and field poppy (red) will flower strongly the first year they are planted before shedding masses of seeds for next year. The ever popular oxeye (moon) daisy adds a nice tone of white and yellow to the mix.

NOTE: This selection is normally only available in the Spring and early Summer due to the majority of the plants being annual species.

Wildlife Attracting
Attract a host of wildlife to your garden or area with these plants. Nectar, seeds for birds,hiding places for insects all help this to happen. Ideal for turning a section of garden into a wildlife area.

Wildlife Attracting (incl wet)
Attract a host of wildlife to your garden or area with these plants. Nectar, seeds for birds, hiding places for insects all help this to happen. This selection also contains several species that like wet areas too.

School Selection
A selection of plants that is designed to give colour throughout the majority of the year, specifically in spring and autumn so is perfect for school wildflower planting projects.

Wildlife Pond Marginals
The margins of a pond can be a haven for wildlife. Plant these species to provide cover, nesting areas and food for insects and birds.

Bumblebee Attracting
Plants that are loved by our native bumblebees and provide nectar for them.

Tortoise Food Plants
Many of our customers keep tortoises and we have worked with The Tortoise Club to come up with this list. Treat your tortoise to more than just dandelions!

Sedges & Rushes
A plant selection of native sedges and rushes.

Green Roof Selection
A selection of plants suitable for planting on a green roof.

Purple Border Collection
A collection of plants that just have purple flowers.

Red/Pink Border Collection
A collection of plants that just have pink or red flowers.

White Border Collection
A collection of plants that just have white flowers.

Yellow Border Collection
A collection of plants that just have yellow flowers.

Edible Selection
The plants in this selection can be eaten in one way or another. Either the leaf, root or flower can be eaten.

Herbal Remedy Selection
Create your own ancient herbal remedies with these plants and grow a personal apothecary’s garden.