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Seed mix for a meadow plus grasses

£ 20.00
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A mix of our own seed that is excellent for sowing onto a patch of ground that you want to make into a wildflower area and especially good for improving or creating a meadow.

There  are  grass species  in this mix so you can revitalise a patch of grass

species list

Common Spotted Orchid
Wood Rush
Corncockle (annual)
Sheep Sorrel
Great Burnet
Salad Burnet
Black Medick
Autumn Hawkbit
Upright Brome
Sheeps Fescue
Timothy Grass
Small Timothy
Yellow Oat Grass
Crested Dog’s Tail


Take care when opening the packet as the contents may spill. We advise opening over a container and mixing the seeds thoroughly before use. For broadcast seeding you may find it helps to mix with a little sand or dry potting compost to help prevent clumping of the seed during sowing.    

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