2..Specific Species of Wildflowers

You can purchase plug plants in multiples of 8 and pot plants as singles.  Each species is shown whether in or out of stock but you can only purchase plants that are in stock. We update our stock levels regularly.

5 Coastal

5 CoastalPlants particularly suited to the harsh conditions of a coastal environment. These plants can stand long dry periods, heavy winds and some degree of salt. Coastal plants are very tolerant of a green roof environment.

4 Wet

4 WetIf you have an area that is permanently damp or boggy, even stretching into the pond marginal zones where the roots of the plants are always wet. You should avoid drying these plants out completely for long periods.

3 Shade

3 ShadePlants that prefer deeper shade such as mature tree canopies and very old woodland, particularly evergreen trees and bushes. Gloomy areas of the garden that are shaded by buildings or large hedges.

1 Sunny

1 Sunny
Plants in this category prefer full sun and dry conditions. Traditional meadow wildflowers fall into this group and it is by far the largest selection.

2 Semi-Shade

2 Semi-ShadePlants that prefer the semi-shade of hedgerows, walls and immature tree canopies. If your area receives some sun during the day but is mostly in dappled shade then these plants should work.

6 Green Roof Plants

6 Green Roof PlantsThese plants are excellent for planting on a green roof. They are highly drought-tolerant and offer good biodiversity. Plant around 20 plugs  per square metre.

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