Wild Grasses

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Wild GrassesA selection of wild grasses to add to an existing patch of grass or to bolster an area of wild flower planting.

Blue Moor Grass
Chewing Fescue
Creeping Bent
Common Bent
Crested Dog’s Tail
Dune Fescue
False Oat Grass
Fine-leaved Sheeps Fescue
Floating Sweet Grass
Hares tail Grass
Holy Grass
Lyme Grass
Matt Grass
Meadow Fescue
Quaking Grass
Red Fescue
Reed Canary Grass
Reed Sweet Grass
Reflexed Saltmarsh Grass
Rough Meadow Grass
Sand Couch
Sea Couch      
Sheeps Fescue
Smooth Stalked Meadow-grass
Sweet Vernal Grass
Tall Fescue
Tufted Hair-Grass
Viviparious Sheeps Fescue
Wavy-hair Grass
Wood False Brome
Wood Brome
Wood mellick
Wood Small Reed
Yellow Oat-grass
Yorkshire Fog